Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run

at Dinosaur Valley State Park

100 Mile / 100K / 50K / 25K / 5 Mile

NOVEMBER 23, 2019



2018 Results...



Runners should check at the finish line to see if they won an award and to collect it.

Awards will only be mailed after the race at the runner's expense.

Results are considered final 10 days post-race.



2017 Results...

In 2017, we had record heat for DFW, with temperatures topping out in the high 80s.... in November.


2016 Results...

In 2016, we had a 0% chance of rain in the forecast, and it still managed to rain just about the whole event.

In 2015, 17 hours into the 100 miler, the entire race had to be cancelled. Storms came through Friday into Friday night, and what wasn't forecasted to happen, they just sat on top of us as we approached midnight. This led to significant flash flooding on the course, which has the highest point in Dallas but also has quite a few valleys and hollows. Runners reported chest deep water. We held the race for an hour to see if the storms would move through and when they didn't and we had more reports of bridges being out and snakes moving out on the trails in the higher elevations to escape drowning, we were forced to cancel all the events.

2014 Results...

2014 was a mudfest of constant rain. This resulted in a 20% finish rate in the 100 miler, the 50 miler having to be canceled, and an unusually low finish rate for a 50K.


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